Alitex Sponsors an Award at The Presentation of Kew Diplomas

Andrea and Alan - Kew award

Photo Credit: RBG Kew

Since the early 2000s our relationship began with the world renowned Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew has continued to blossom. In 2012 our official partnership and endorsement was formed and Alitex began sponsoring the annual Kew diploma students ‘Growing under Glass’ award. The award is given to the student that has the best practical performance under glass during their placement.

Alitex’s Partnership with Kew Gardens

It all began when Tom Hall, owner of Alitex was invited to The Professional Gardeners Guild conference to talk about Alitex’s Messenger greenhouse, catching the attention of Greg Redwood, Head of Great Glasshouses at Kew. Greg’s interest in the Alitex product sparked a genuine relationship which has grown into the partnership we have today.

As the relationship between Alitex and Kew flourished, Tom established an annual summer tour of large private estates home to an Alitex greenhouse for Kew’s final year horticultural students. Wanting to become more involved with Kew’s diploma students, Alitex began sponsoring the ‘Growing under Glass’ award.

The Presentation of Kew Diplomas

On Friday 6 September Nick Bashford, Director at Alitex attended the presentation of Kew Diplomas. Celebrating the closing of their three year courses, students were awarded their Kew qualifications. The function was held at Kew Gardens in the Lady Lisa Sainsbury Lecture Theatre and was packed with friends, family members, Kew directors, teaching staff, trustees and sponsors.

A number of students graduated, being awarded their Kew Apprenticeship certificates, Kew Specialist Certificates and Kew Diplomas. One of the ten students being awarded their diplomas was Andrea Topalovic Arthan. Andrea received her Kew Diploma with Honours along with a number of final year prizes, including the ‘Growing under Glass’ award.

Studying at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

If you are looking to become a professional horticulturalist The Kew Diploma is an exceptional course spread over 3 years. The curriculum covers an expansive range of practical and theoretical study, providing a vast range of opportunities and experience. You can find out more about the course here.

Visit Kew Gardens

Visit the world-leading botanic gardens and discover the incredible conservation work they carry out. Not only are the gardens an enjoyable day out, but they are educational and inspiring. Visit to find out more.


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