Alitex at RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

The Tatton

Almost midway through 2019 and we are in full swing with our series of horticultural events. Our next stop is at Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival.  We will be taking a Tatton greenhouse from our National Trust Collection to our stand this year. Our Mottisfont greenhouse will also be on display in the Edible Eden Garden by Pennard Plants, Burpee and Lubera

Who we're collaborating with

This year we are collaborating with the National Trust, working with gardeners from Chartwell House, Mottisfont Abbey and Hinton Ampner to create a ‘healthy living, healthy eating’ theme throughout the interior and exterior of the stand. Mottisfont’s Head Gardener, Jonny Norton notes “We’ve worked hard to make the new Kitchen Garden a model of sustainability; using local and reclaimed materials, growing our own vegetables from seed and making all our own compost on site”.

The Details

The underlying theme is an emphasis on the positive influence of horticultural activities on mental wellbeing.  This is directly linked to Chartwell House as the former home of Winston Churchill who spent many hours pottering around the grounds; the perfect location for respite from the stresses of political life. From Lady Churchill’s beloved Rose garden to the Golden Orfe ponds Churchill himself stated ‘A day away from Chartwell is a day wasted’. 

The stand will display raised beds, similar to those at Mottisfont in the new Kitchen Garden with a variety of flowers, vegetables and salad leaves. The entrance to our stand will include a pergola, complete with an arch and beehive that normally lives at Chartwell House.  

The interior of the glasshouse will demonstrate the full functionality of an Alitex structure. Internal crops will be at the stage of growth where they are almost ready to be planted in the garden. Filled with fragrant tomato plants and a mix of vintage and handmade props, the greenhouse will transport visitors to Churchill’s private gardens, as if he has momentarily stepped away from the potting shoe. 


Edible Eden with Pennard's Plants

In addition to our stand at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this year we will also be taking our Mottisfont greenhouse to be displayed in a kitchen garden inspired space. The structure will sit amongst a soft-fruit growing display and beautiful sunflowers. We are excited to hear Mark Diacono deliver some wonderful Cook as you Grow demonstrations using produce from the Edible Eden garden.

To book tickets to the RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival please visit the RHS website.

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