5 Tips for Growing Gardens in Urban Landscapes

Growing in an Urban Landscape

Do you live in a city but wish you could spend more time in nature? Want to help support local wildlife? Why not try cultivating the space around you. Even in the smallest urban space, it’s possible to create a gorgeous growing garden. 
Gardening is a wonderful way to enjoy time outdoors and a great way to get some exercise. What’s more, urban gardening has positive environmental effects and can help lower carbon emissions and boost local wildlife populations that may otherwise struggle in cities. Follow our 5 tips on how to create a beautiful, urban outdoor space and start your growing garden today.

Create a Bee-Friendly Flower Garden
Flowers to attract bees

If you live in a city apartment, a window box or small flower garden can really brighten your up your space. Flower gardens also provide food for bees and help support natural ecosystems that rely on pollination. Bees can struggle to find enough food in cities due to pollution and a lack of wild spaces. Plant bee-friendly perennials, like geraniums, lavender, or wisteria, in your window box or in large stone pots if you have space outside.

Use Hanging Baskets

Many flats don’t have enough outdoor lawn space to create a growing garden. If this describes you, think about using wall space instead to create a hanging or vertical garden. You can buy hanging baskets from your local garden centre or nurture climbing plants underneath any railings or trellis work that you have around your flat. Hanging baskets are also ideal if parts of your building don’t get a lot of sun - you can shift them around to follow the light. 

Create Raised Beds

Do you dream of having the secret garden growing delicious food for essential living which is the envy of all your friends? Start your own today with a vegetable patch! If you want to know how to keep grass from growing in vegetable garden, try using raised beds. Weeds are less likely to penetrate raised beds and you can keep soil separate from your lawn. You can also keep your lawn looking fresh by checking out for the best fertiliser for grass on the market.

Start Your Own Salad Garden
Growing on Benching

If you don’t have space for growing a vegetable garden, try a small salad or herb garden instead. Common salad plants and herbs, like lettuce, arugula, or chives, are perfect for patios or balconies because they can be grown in containers and thrive in the shade. Just make sure your containers are at least six inches deep to give your growing garden room to root. You’ll be picking tasty treats in no time!

Get Creative with Containers

Want to build a roof garden but don’t want to put down soil? Keep your urban garden space neat and tidy by growing a garden in pots or containers. You can

 buy potted flowers, shrubs, and trees at your local garden centre, but you don’t have to stop there. You can reuse old tubs, containers – even old suitcases or pans – to create a growing garden and avoid waste and mess. Simply line your containers with plastic (remember to make holes for drainage), fill with potting soil, and plant your seeds. 

If you’re looking for a greenhouse to fit within your urban garden, why not take a look at the National Trust Hidcote greenhouse. At just 2.6 x 3m it will still give you plenty of space inside for benching and a built in bed.

Really, when it comes to your urban, growing garden, the limit is your imagination. We hope these tips have given you some ideas! 

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