5 Tips on choosing your conservatory colour

Alitex Conservatory

Visually linking a conservatory to the outside of a house is an important step, to you, your house and your garden. The colour should fit your needs just as much as the structure does. Opting for an aluminium structure makes it easy to choose long-lasting colours as the frame is powder-coated with the paint, in our factory on-site, before it is installed. The paint will be a permanent feature, so make sure you choose something you love!

A soft, subtle colour allows the eye to drift easily to the garden view creating a blur between the inside and outside boundaries. For an individual look, matching the colour of the timber trims on a house, such as the bargeboard and soffits, will make the overall look co-ordinated and stylish.

There may be many questions spinning around your mind, so take a look at some of our tips below to help distinguish between conservatory colours and their benefits.

  1. Dark colours, for example charcoal, deep green and bronze, are both sophisticated and eye catching. They can be suitable for contemporary projects and whilst they may seem a little 'out-there', they can easily be calmed with neutral furniture and plenty of plants.
  2. White and bright, can lighten your outdoor space, especially if you have a very shaded or small garden. White represents cleanliness and purity yet look out as it can be quite bold and harsh especially in a very green or bare garden.
  3. Cream is slightly less harsh on the eye than white and can help to open up space, it is commonly used for older properties to match in with their historical features.
  4. Greens are our favourite, they relate to nature and with many different shades to offer harmony and balance between your home and garden it helps to blend the barrier between man-made and natural.
  5. Pale colours are popular with our conservatories, they represent a calm environment that look perfect in between plants and blossoming gardens.

The next problem you face with your colours is whether to have a different colour for the inside, this helps to keep in theme with your interior features. You want to choose something that may remain more neutral and will help to blend the connection of your house with your newly fitted conservatory, making it appear as if it's always been there. It's worth researching authentic historical and period colours to find out which ones are in keeping with the period of your home. Using the same colour both inside and out is a clever way of creating a positive and individual design for your conservatory.

If you are looking at an extension project but finding the best colour scheme for your conservatory is holding you back, take a look at some recent projects for inspiration.

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