The big photo-shoot at Alitex

Alitex People

It’s quite a challenge getting everyone who works for Alitex in the same building at the same time. With around sixty employees, many of whom are on the road visiting projects and clients around the UK and beyond, we gave the team two months warning.

The reason? To assemble as many of the workforce together as possible to have a series of company photos taken, celebrating the team behind Alitex in 2013 and to commemorate our 60th birthday year.

Whilst the weather forecast looked miserable with snow forecast, the day was flooded with sunlight and blue skies. The photographer got straight on with it – commandeering step ladders and framing the shot, Nelly in attendance to shove everyone into place. There were a lot of different group shots to get through and a number of people doing last minute personal grooming (paint shop team) but all in all it seemed to go smoothly and hopefully we will have captured the spirit of the Alitex workforce.

In a British manufacturing company like Alitex it is perhaps no surprise that 45% of the workforce are involved in the actual making and assembling of our greenhouses and conservatories – it's quite a challenge directing a crowd! The factory is based here at our Torberry show site, working in teams to ensure quality and consistency. Having the factory onsite ensures that our greenhouses and conservatories do not leave here for anything other than delivery to our clients. We stay in control of the whole process, achieving consistently high quality levels which Alitex prides itself on. Collectively there are hundreds of years experience, creating a huge pool of talent, specific knowledge and developed skills – not that you get that from the photos, but a face to a process is a good thing and our structures are made and designed by people who pride themselves on their work. (My image -not the professional one- belies how freezing it was).

An interesting side show is watching everyone whilst they have their image captured for posterity – there are very few people at Alitex (if any) who naturally embrace the limelight which a camera suggests. Plus the challenges of the dodgy sunlight and ducking and diving around the plants and equipment, ensured the photographer had a number of factors to deal with.

Aside from every seat in the house been taken, there is a general air of industry and creativity around – Alitex positively feels like a hub. Watch out for today’s images (the professional ones) appearing during the course of our 60th birthday year celebrations.

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