Bee Bricks from Green and Blue

Bee Bricks

We are mid-way through this year’s Chelsea Flower Show and the weather is certainly improving. Our Scotney greenhouse has attracted lots of interest with many people commenting on our gorgeous Stephanotis. Another element to our stand, encouraging the visitors of a slightly different kind, was also a huge hit.

The bee brick is an innovative new product from Green and Blue. It can be stylishly built into the integral part of the building works or free standing; either way, the sleek design is a great home for Solitary bees.

Solitary bees are on the decline for various reasons; diseases and habitat loss to name a few. They don’t sting unless squashed and even then, the pain is minimum, making them the ideal garden visitors and safe to have around children. The solitary bees role in pollination accounts for a third of the food we eat, their importance is huge.

Green and Blue have created a collection of bee bricks and blocks containing cavities, where the bees lay eggs and seal the entrance with mud or chewed up vegetation; the offspring will then emerge in Spring to begin the cycle again.

We have included four bee bricks in both our greenhouse bases at this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, we are only half way through and they are already a hit with visitors. If you would like to find out more, visit Green and Blue’s website here.

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