Are you craving daylight?

Inside of large conservatory in white

Approaching winter solstice makes me long for the turn on December 21st/22nd, when the nights will start getting shorter again.

Even with fine winter weather and the opportunity to get out into the garden and onto the South Downs walking, at this time of year we just cannot take in enough daylight to generate the amount of Vitamin D which is good for us. “Studies show that around one in five adults and teenagers are vitamin D deficient – with major consequences for bone health and immune function.” Dr Carrie Ruxton of the Health Supplements Information service (

Dr Carrie suggests taking a vitamin supplement however we (naturally enough) recommend inviting more daylight into your home and build a conservatory! It has been quite a year for the conservatory, atrium and roof light team at Alitex. We have been working all over the UK and beyond into Europe and Scandinavia, bringing our experience and knowledge of aluminium and glass structures to bear on a wide range of projects, from huge roof lights over swimming pools, conservatories added to Grade 2 buildings and structures in areas of outstanding natural beauty. Our team have worked with planning committees the length and breadth of the UK to ensure that any Alitex structure fits harmoniously with what exists there already.

“I find that most of our structures are a simple elegant addition to an already beautiful home. Therefore they are often of a complimentary design and style and are appreciated as a special room within the house. It is a case of understanding cohesion between the main building and the surrounding landscape, ensuring that this valued additional space is designed in such a way that the fit for purpose aspect of the room is not compromised by rigid design norms. Making the best out of the natural light opportunity, ensuring that furnishing requirements are understood early on in the design process, will ensure that simple considerations such as door positions and size and aspect of the windows will be complimentary to the overall use of the space. By using modern materials and designing and constructing in a traditional manner, attractive glass buildings can be enjoyed throughout the whole year.” Nick Bashford, Director Alitex.

One of the differences between our recommendation and Dr Carrie’s is that ours lasts all year around. In the summer enjoy the moonlight and the work you have achieved in the garden – in the winter bathe in weaker daylight. The fan in your conservatory can be used to push the warm air back down into the room – even a grey day will take on another aspect.

For more information about our conservatories and to speak to one of the team call 01730 826900.

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