Drawing office services

The Alitex design team is made up of a broad base of design and engineering knowledge with experience from a wide range of industries.

We can provide a full service solution for all your glass and aluminium specifications. Our drawing office capabilities include but are not limited to:

  • Standard drawings in 2D supplied in the industry standard dwg. format
  • For larger scale projects, 3D images can be provided in a variety of formats
  • 3D software capabilities allowing virtual testing of an idea or a virtual construction
  • Proposed models can be shown in through-sections of a building for an accurate visualisation of the final structure
  • Our combined software suite enables savings and efficiencies during the design and manufacture process
  • Alitex utilise the following software: AutoCad, SolidWorks, Cosmos FEA, Master Series FEA and Google Sketch-up amongst others
  • Our team are experts in the capabilities of our software

Product evolution and development

The continual professional development of our design team is vital to our on-going success. From NAFEMS professional monitoring to in-house structural and weathering training, we can ensure that our team’s skillset is up to date. In order to facilitate this development, we continue to invest heavily in our design capabilities, ensuring that they remain a state of the art design and development facility with frequent hardware upgrades and system updates.

The Alitex roof system, window and door products are all fully thermally broken to ensure optimum thermal efficiency, so minimising heat losses. The products we supply are some of the best on the market with regards to thermal properties and aesthetics and have many features unique to Alitex.

Part of our 'continually evolve and innovate' ethos, is our stringent Research and Development programme. Annually, we look at key areas of development on which to focus the coming year’s investment and resources. Alitex are committed to ensuring that our people, processes, facilities and ultimately our products are and remain at the forefront of the industry.

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