All on target for Chelsea with our friends at Thrive

Alitex Friend

It's always this time of year when the team working on the Alitex show stands for summer, at both Chelsea and Hampton Court, must ensure they have all their seedlings and seeds planted and sown.

It seems strange, given today's snowfall, but planning to ensure the correct amount of plants will be available for the third week in May is vital. In this respect we have one less headache, as our friends at Thrive have taken that responsibility from us. Their latest update is as follows:

"The last couple of weeks have been very busy for Thrive growing for Alitex. We’ve sown three varieties of Basil – Aristotle, Crimson King and Siam Queen; Beetroot and Broad Beans (yum!).

Danny is pictured  laughing his head off, sowing some Dwarf Runner Beans which we know will be very well looked after. Our other picture shows Mary, sowing Mange Tout.

This month we’ve also sown four varieties of lettuce – Little Gem, Lollo Rosso, Mazuroso and Salad Bowl. We are growing three varieties of parsley – Green Pearl, Laura and Prezzemlo Gigante.

All the gardeners at Thrive Battersea are delighted to be sowing and growing plants for Alitex. We are really looking forward to spring now!"

So lovely having horticultural friends who are happy to help...

For those who are new to Thrive, it is a gardening charity which uses gardening to change lives.

“Thrive begins with gardening but it is about much more - it's about acceptance, patience, learning and understanding. It’s a place where everyone is working to a common cause, developing skills, taking responsibility, making choices for themselves and improving their lives.”

For more information about Thrive click here. We look forward to more updates from the Thrive Team as we approach D-day.

Come along and visit our stand at Chelsea (MA10) and see for yourselves the wonderful work of the Thrive team.

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