Alitex at Woburn Abbey Flower Show

Woburn Garden Show and Alitex greenhouse stand

Our Mobile Hidcote Greenhouse had the privilege of being part of the Woburn Abbey Flower Show last weekend as part of their Gardening team’s showcase. 

It was great to see our greenhouse became the centrepiece of their display, cleverly using the tow hitch as a prop for their plant sale; the inside of the greenhouse was used for more plants and to put the ‘outputs’ from their demonstrations which they ran throughout the weekend.  

The gardening team (led by Martin Towsley) ran complimentary master classes on seed sowing, propagation and pruning; with a few simple tips and attention to detail at this crucial stage of the growing process, the chances of succeeding are definitely increased.  

Woburn’s Gardening Team Masterclass on Seed Sowing (follow this and you can’t go wrong)

  • First of all make sure your compost is moist
  • Run your fingers through it and crumble from a height to make sure there is plenty of air in it
  • If you are planting big seeds use modular trays, but a seed tray is great for smaller seeds
  • Put compost into the tray and make sure it is over flowing
  • Use a flat edge to scrape off the excess soil
  • Using a tamper to firm down the soil
  • Scatter your seeds evenly
  • Top tip – if your seeds are black or really small so you cannot see where you have scattered them – mix the seeds with some sand - you’ll be able to see what you’ve done (genius!)
  • Next scrunch some compost in your hand and filter through a riddle (gardening sieve) onto the scattered seed
  • Get a watering can with a rose attachment but turn it so the rose is pointing the wrong way. With your seed tray on the floor start watering just away from the tray ensuring even distribution
  • Cover with a sheet of glass or put in your propagator (or your Alitex greenhouse!) 

We were in good company with Pippa Greenwood and Gavin Diarmuid as guests speakers – in fact there was a lot to learn and take in, besides wandering around the beautiful grounds of the Abbey.

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