Alitex supporting local school-level apprenticeships

Drawings from Alitex design office

Ben has been working for the last two weeks in our design office on a placement from his school near Fareham. He found the opportunity through his school placement scheme and since he is hoping to pursue a career in computer design, this seemed an ideal opportunity to try a new experience in a busy working environment.

Fortunately Ben has enjoyed his time with us; “Everyone is very friendly, saying hi in the mornings and making me feel very comfortable about asking questions”. As regards the Alitex team members who have been helping Ben, “Jason and Mark have been great. I’ve learned Solidworks following tutorials, Fiona has taught me about 2D design and now I have been working on a brief to design a bench which will fit an A3 printer on it. It has taken me three days to work through the design and now I am preparing drawings for the production of the bench which should take me a day.” 

Ben has enjoyed the close link between the Design studio and the production team in the factory. “There are so many benefits to everyone being in the same place, you can have an idea but then production will come back with a suggested improvement maybe, or whether it can be done in the time frame quoted. Everyone helps everyone else out.”

Jason Deacon, Supervisor of the Design Office, says “We enjoy having young, attentive people like Ben in the office, he seems to have learned something and hopefully he will be an Alitex designer of the future.” 

As for Ben and what he takes away from this experience... “Definitely working as part of a team – I’ve also enjoyed this new field of work and learning things that I haven’t before.”

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