The Alitex Paint Collection

Working together with M&L Paints, we have carefully curated a collection of 15 colours to match and complement our most popular greenhouse shades. The palette is inspired by nature’s colours and is perfect for those garden accessories you want to introduce a sense of calm and serenity to.
If you are looking for the colours available for powder-coating your greenhouse, please click here.

Behind the Idea

Our customer’s often ask us where they can buy a pot of paint that will match the colour of their greenhouse. Often wanting to paint their windows or fruit cages to match, we have never before been able to offer our colours in a variety of finishes. That’s where M&L Paints come in, working together we have created a collection of paints that have the potential to transform your trellis, upgrade your garage and add a flourish to your garden furniture.

The Palette

Reflecting the rich colours found in a beautiful English garden, the Alitex Collection is made up of 15 colours that flow between soft neutrals to earthy tones, and dark greens to bold florals.
The colours have been inspired by natural elements:​
Alitex Collection colour swatches by M&L Paints
  1. Downland Stone – A beautiful neutral shade, blended cleverly using a range of yellows. It resembles ‘clunch’, a traditional building material found and used extensively in the South Downs.
  2. Wood Sage – This grey green colour is inspired by the sage family. It is an intelligent mix of ochre, bright yellow and black - giving this shade its unique appearance. 

  3. Sussex Emerald – This dusky green reflects the soft fresh green of the Thalera Fimbrialis moth’s wings. It is a remarkable shade as it contains no green pigment.

  4. Greensand – A subtle earthy green resembling The Greensand Ridge, a prominent escarpment that runs along the South Downs. The green undertone is created by blending ochre and black with the tiniest hint of oxide red.

  5. Juniper Green – By shifting the ratio to increase black against green, we get this beautiful deep green. It is named after the coniferous Juniper tree, when ripe the berries appear almost jet-black.

  6. Graphite Grey – This deep, smoky grey shade is inspired by Graphite, the naturally occurring form of crystalline carbon. To give it a ‘teal’ undertone, it is a mix of white and black with a hint of yellow and blue.

  7. Passiflora – With strong yellow undertones, this beautiful deep green is representative of the passionflowers dark glossy leaves. 

  8. Plaster Pink – Reminiscent of freshly plastered walls in modern buildings, this pale to mid-tone neutral has an underlying pink hue.

  9. Dormouse – The hazel dormouse inspires this colour, with its reddish-brown fur we have created an almost ‘true’ mid-brown with the slightest of red hues.

  10. Deep Mauve – A dark purple shade which gets its name from the mallow flower, the purple flora of the Malva plant. Due to its undertones, it varies in colour when in different lighting.

  11. Chalkhill Blue – A unique blend of green, black and violet creates this amazing blue shade. It is named after the small butterfly, Polymmatus Coridon, found in abundance on the chalky South Downs.

  12. Silver Lavender – Inspired by English Lavender, this colour represents the silver foliage. A careful blend of black, yellow and green give it an almost metallic appearance.

  13. Parchment – Reminiscent of the colour of parchment paper, the colour has been made using yellow ochre with a flick of red and black for depth and to give it a natural appearance.

  14. Lulu – Vibrant and vivid, this orange sits perfectly between red and yellow. It has a touch of ‘retro’ and is ideal for brightening small spaces.

  15. Burnt Orange – Ripened blood oranges have inspired this beautiful dark orange. This deep colour sits far closer to the red side of the spectrum whilst its faint yellow undertones represent the flesh of the fruit.

The Details

All of the paint colours are available in Exterior and Interior Eggshell, Masonry, Full Gloss and Chalky Interior Matt.
These premium quality paints are made exclusively for us by M&L Paints. We are in very good hands. Established in 2003 initially as a durable protectivecoating for their elegant conservatories, the paint has since gained an excellent reputation with designers and decorators alike.
M&L Paints have over 120 extraordinary colours available on their website. These classic shades will suit historic homes, but will also add warmth and depth to contemporary schemes. Request the M&L Paints Colour Card here to start inspiring your decorating project.

Where to Buy

To place your order, for any colour, tin size and finish, please do so directly through the M&L Paints website.

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