Alitex keeps sight of its sustainability credentials at RHS Chelsea

Alitex at Chelsea Flower Show

In the interests of our sustainability policy, we have devised a series of cunning plans to recycle the elements of our show stands, which we would like to share with you.

The Mono-pitch returns to its home at Torberry, where it currently resides (in some splendour) whilst the Acer and Scotney will go to their new homes with customers who patiently wait for their splendid greenhouses to arrive.

All external plants will be returned to Hortus Loci and either used at future shows, or sold onto garden designers. The plants by Thrive will return to the Herb Garden, where some will go on to Hampton Court Show (3rd-8th July) to be shown in our National Trust Hidcote, whilst the remaining plants will grace the greenhouse in Battersea Park.

Inside the Scotney, all plants will be returned to Chartwell to enjoy their summer in the gardens there, or be sold to make money for future worthwhile garden projects.

All paving will return to Torberry and be used in landscaping projects as part of the larger scale investment projects we have lined up for this year. The raised beds will also return to our head quarters at Torberry where they will add to our staff allotments – which will also be home to the shed! I wonder if we can take the ideas from the Artisan section of the show and be creative with textiles and armchairs? Mmmm, not sure how much work would get done around here!

So all that will be left is the brick bases which are recycled by the RHS which has a post show collection and recycling team.

It will all be re-absorbed with minimum waste, which is exactly what we like here at Alitex.

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