An Alitex greenhouse joins this impressive ‘Parkland’ NGS Garden

Freestanding, Cliveden greenhouse from National Trust collection

When our clients visited Hampton Court Flower Show in 2011, they didn’t expect to come away with a show garden of their own, however when they found out that the WWF Stream Garden was in need of a home, they thought it would be a unique addition to their newly revamped garden.

Along with the stream garden that was positioned around a new seating area, our clients 10.5 acres of land has evolved into specific spaces within a parkland style setting, inspired by their travels around the globe. The different gardens they have created include:

  • A formal garden to the south of the house with wide flower beds, sculptures and a rose circle
  • An impressive orchard containing over 50 fruit trees
  • A woodland walk with ferns and coppice trees
  • A flower cutting garden
  • A long border which is 100m long and up to 5m deep
  • A cottage garden around the guest cottage
  • A wildlife pond with natural marginal planting
  • 1000’s trees and shrubs, softening the park style surroundings.

As well as the above, our clients have also designed a vegetable garden complete with a Cliveden Alitex greenhouse from out National Trust collection. All of the gardens are 100% organic and the greenhouse, along with the house and cottage, are all heated with a biomass boiler; they even compost all the garden waste back into the flower beds.

With no previous gardening experience, our clients along with a team of gardeners have really transformed the grounds into something special. Back in 2008 when they moved in, the space was full of self seeded, scrappy trees and huge brambles that were growing amongst 2 to 4 acres of rhododendrons!

Their next project will be to expand the vegetable garden by creating a companion planting garden next door, they also want to learn how best to use their new greenhouse.

If you would like to visit this beautiful garden in Farnham, Hampshire and take a look at their Alitex greenhouse, you can! The clients have made their stunning creation part of the NGS open gardens scheme and their next opening will be on Sunday the 5th July from 10:30am to 5:30pm.

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