Alitex Greenhouse Aftercare Service: Here to help

Mike from our after care department

In sixty years of business you can imagine that we have sold a fair amount of greenhouses. With that comes an increased demand from our customers for a service which keeps their greenhouse looking and working as well today as it did on the day it was assembled.

It may be that your blinds have been battered beyond repair in strong winds or that reglazing is necessary. It could simply be that the benching you initially required now needs re-modifying and a good re-think. Additional accessories, including benching, may update your greenhouse for the season’s growing or perhaps a good clean both inside and out is required. In any event, the Aftercare Team are on hand to sort things out for you, identifying and rectifying any problems which your greenhouse may have accrued with age.

The team of Mike Wallis and Paul Hewitt, who between them have nearly seventy-five years of Alitex  experience are the legends in the Alitex Team who can think their way through any challenge. In the years they have been at the company they have been involved with every stage of the production and manufacture of our greenhouses. As Paul says: “We have seen the product and company evolve over the years and we have been part of that – we know not only when certain changes were implemented but why they happened. This becomes an important factor in dating a greenhouse and the manufacturing method at the time, and also in our ability to update it.”

Greenhouse Auditing

Mike and Paul both agree that a very useful service for anyone who owns an “older”, greenhouse is the greenhouse audit. This is a service which brings your greenhouse up to date, wherever possible, with Alitex engineering advancements. This could be as simple as reglazing your greenhouse – where putty has been used in greenhouses from the early nineties or late eighties, we would now strip that out and redo it using in-seal and clips. In fact, the team recently did exactly this in Essex, then again in Kent a week later. In Essex, Mike noticed that the reservoir and down pipes would work better if certain adjustments were made and the customer was delighted to take this advice and have the team make the improvements.

The old style plastic capping can also be updated by fitting new aluminium painted capping – all options which would improve the function and aesthetic of your Alitex greenhouse. The huge depth of skills gathered over the years ensure that there is a solution for every inefficiency or time-worn problem and a visit from the team can clarify what is to be done.

A couple of anecdotes which explain why Paul and Mike, with their vast experience, are the right men for the job:

  1. Last week Mike visited a greenhouse which he immediately recognised as being something he worked upon a full twenty five years before!
  2. Paul visited a customer in Yorkshire who had bought a number of very large Alitex greenhouses (non-assembled) many years before and wanted to know what he’d bought and who could put it all together. Paul opened the packages, all in dry storage, to find his own initials all over the packaging from twenty years ago!

Call the team today for your Aftercare Service on 01730 826900.

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