Alitex and the National Trust's Greys Court

National Trust's Greys Court bespoke greenhouse

For all those of you who don’t live close to Petersfield and are unable to attend our events here at Torberry, we have tried to do more regional based events this year, including our event last week at The National Trust’s Greys Court.

Amanda Stephens from Alitex was able to welcome clients old and new to the Alitex greenhouse in the stunning gardens, maintained by Head Gardener Rachel Edwards and Jayne Lake, Deputy Head Gardener. Building our associations with the National Trust is very important to us here at Alitex, particularly as we are entrusted with the manufacture of the National Trust Greenhouse Collection.

The Greys Court greenhouse is a traditional freestanding one at  4.5m x 9m with a central lobby in Off White (Downland Stone). The story behind the acquisition is a romantic one – a local man who visited the gardens daily at Greys Court and loved them, bequeathed in his will enough funds specifically to Greys Court, as opposed to the National Trust . The gardeners are so pleased with the greenhouse they are now hoping to raise funds for another! A recent addition has been the blinds – just in time for the hot weather.

A great deal of work is evident in the gardens and having an expert guided tour around the gardens illustrated that - the greenhouse was overflowing with flowers. As Amanda said, “I learned so much just by having the gardeners tell us how they achieved certain areas of the garden – the plant combinations were particularly interesting in the Kitchen Garden and gardening organically was impressive.”

The gardens are famous for the wisteria, which flowered late this year in June. The subsequent dry weather has revealed evidence of historic buildings under the lawn which sits directly in front of the main house – the history of these historic gardens and house seem to keep unravelling.

The next opportunity to join an Alitex event will be on Wednesday 4th September with the Alitex Annual Lecture.

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