When To Fit Your Benching and What Choices Are There?

Alitex Greenhouse Accessorize

Benching or staging needs to be thought about at the same time as you are planning your Alitex greenhouse. Where should the tomatoes grow, where does the sun rise, how to best accommodate your orchid collection are all considerations which effect benching decisions.

Whilst we appreciate as a keen gardener, you probably have some well thought out views on this, we can also help you with our knowledge gained from many years of experience. We generally chat through your needs and guide you through the levels of benching required, suggest a recommended layout and the alternative shelving options and ideas for hanging shelves.


Our complete range of accessories includes lighting, benching, cast iron floor grids and any other fixtures and fittings. We’ve been doing this a long time and we have refined through research and development what works best in every situation and we can also tell you why! Every choice you make from our collection has been rigorously tested and we are confident in its’ functionality and also its’ aesthetic value. There has to be a co-relation between the beauty of the greenhouse and what you put inside it!

Money-off Offer

Since mid-January (until the end of February) we have been running a unique promotion with all new orders placed for our National Trust Greenhouse collection. A money off voucher for accessories and benching is available for a limited period.

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