Our Ethos

Within all areas of Alitex, it is our aim to provide you with the finest experience.

We devote our time and effort to pursue sustainable business practises in all areas of our operation. We are committed to delivering award-winning greenhouses and conservatories that you will cherish.

Our Commitment

We are driven to support you from concept to completion, whether it be finding the perfect solution to adapt your living space or a beautiful Victorian greenhouse to complement your garden.

  • Your plans - to understand your ideas and requirements, we will visit you wherever you are
  • For you - we will produce the best looking Victorian greenhouse in the world
  • Our promise - your structure is guaranteed for life
  • Your project - we will appoint a project manager to represent you and keep you well informed throughout the delivery process
  • Your needs - we will provide you with everything you require to fulfil your plans
  • Your expectations - we recognise completely, not only must the product match your expectation, but your experience must be second to none
  • Aftercare - once the glasshouse is complete, the after sales service is commensurate with the highest standards and continues with the life of your structure

Tom Hall, Alitex owner
"Our commitment is based on the belief that your decision to buy from us is not only due to the quality of the product, but also for the passion and integrity that sits behind it. Thank you for your interest in Alitex."

Tom Hall, Owner of Alitex Greenhouses and Conservatories

Our Sustainability

We acknowledge that the nature of our work can result in environmental impacts and pollution; therefore, we are committed to controlling and minimising this impact.

  • Investigation is continuously carried out to minimise our product's impact on the environment throughout its lifetime
  • Environmental issues are considered in all key business decisions
  • Our dedicated Sustainability Team will regularly set and monitor the achievement of environmental objectives in order to promote continuous improvement
  • We actively encourage waste reduction, re-use and recycling in our day-to-day activities
  • We promote safe and responsible disposal of all waste
  • All members of the team are included in suggestions, research and development for new initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and create more sustainable ways of going about our business

What have we actually done?

Aluminium and gas are the biggest contributors of CO2 at Alitex. Through smarter design and reduced wastage, we are able to control the impact, currently 90% of our aluminium comes from recycled waste.

CO2 Reduction

  • The insulation of well oven has saved approximately 22Te of CO2 per year
  • The new compressor produces only 50% of the old machines CO2, saving approximately 17Te of CO2 per year
  • Our new paint plant uses less gas and less wastage of paint, reducing our footprint by 12%


  • Aluminium waste, where possible, is reused for the manufacture of new products
  • Recycling by all departments is in place, reducing our previous non-recyclable waste by 75% - this has results in the number of skips filled with waste being reduced from 30 to 11 each year

Vehicle Fleet

  • We ensure that any vehicle used is the most efficient and suitable for the job at hand
  • As part of our commitment to supporting low carbon initiative, we purchase cars with low carbon emissions, long service intervals and made from a high level of recyclable materials

General day-to-day life

  • We have solar panels on our factory roof
  • Our Biomass boiler fuels our paint plant and office heating
  • The introduction of the Alitex allotment in 2010 has created a glut of homegrown produce
  • We have vast rain water tanks holding 20,000 litres which are used for watering the grounds, reducing our demand for main-supply water

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