How to clean your Alitex Greenhouse

How to clean your greenhouse

You should be cleaning your greenhouse at least once a year to prepare it for the growing season.

  • To remove algae, moss, bugs and possible disease
  • To maintain a healthy growing environment
  • To keep it looking its best
What else do I need to consider?
  • Replace the Hydroleca every 2 to 3 years, because the capsules are porous they can break down meaning they do not do their job as efficiently. You may also find that bugs tend to live in the capsules.
  • Booking your greenhouse in for an Alitex Clean and Care service is much easier than doing it yourself. You will also ensure your greenhouse is in optimum condition for the growing season.

If I were to clean the greenhouse myself...

What will I need?
  • A hot jet wash (variable temperature settings) - a cold jet wash will suffice, but may not be as effective
  • Biodegradable lifting agent
  • Distilled water - if available
  • Diluted disinfectant spray
  • Hoover
Where do I start?
  • Remove all the plants and pots you can. Cover any ground plants and trees with horticultural fleece or plastic sheet
  • Bag up electrical components
  • Start by spraying the outside with the lifting agent, gently scrub it with a very soft brush
  • Use the hot jet wash to clean it off
  • If you have shade cloths, you will also want to wash these with the jet wash
  • You can now move onto the inside, starting with removing the floor grids and hoovering out the heat ducts (if you have them)
  • Hoover the walls and benches to remove dried leaves and debris
  • Wash down the inside following the same steps you carried for the outside, concentrate on the small gaps where algae and dust can collect
  • You will then want to rinse the inside and outside with distilled water to reduce smearing and water marks
  • Wipe down the benches, then spray the underside of the benching and shelving with disinfectant

Your greenhouse should now be looking 'almost' as good as new. Don't forget, you can book in for an Alitex Clean and Care to ensure your greenhouse is fully serviced.

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